The best planning, licensing and permitting software, period.

From complex land-use projects to building permits and business licenses, ZipFlow software makes planning, building and licensing departments run simpler and easier for everyone.

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ZipFlow reduces the same questions you get over and over like "how long will this take," "what's the next step," etc.
For City Planners, ZipFlow is a breath of fresh air.

For Government Planners

Finally, software that was actually designed for city planners. If you've wished there was something to help manage the complexity of land use and other complex projects, ZipFlow will make you a believer.

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Building Departments will find better management of inspections

For Building Departments

Effortless management of any size of inspection backlog. Quickly and easily assign inspectors, manage schedules and track changes, all in concert and all in the cloud.

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Engineers who work with government offices find ZipFlow the right solution.

For Engineering Firms

Keep track of and review plans internally. Work with clients to manage projects and their status. Work as a team to prepare submissions to government organizations.

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You Deserve Better

And ZipFlow delivers much, much better
User-Friendly Features

The Most User-Friendly Interface in the industry

We get more comments about this than any other feature. Staff loves it. Applicants love it. Experience truly frictionless permit management.

Timely Notifications

Everyone on your staff and involved in the project is notified when it's their turn to work on a project. You'll never wonder who has the ball on anything again.

Common UI For Everyone

One of the things that makes our interface so simple is that we don't have a different interface for staff than what the applicant sees. Everyone sees the same things and the same progress.

You Are In Control

Even though we have a simple, shared user interface, ZipFlow still keeps the control in your hands. You and your staff always decide when things are ready to move forward.

Map View

See all your projects on our wicked fast map view. Both in progress and archived projects can be filtered and viewed together.

Permit Layers

View all your jurisdiction permits in their own GIS layer, and turn it on and off with other layers in our map view.

Location-Based Automation

Automatically generate new requirements and other permits, based on the location of the project (add a permit when the project is in a flood plain, for example)

Integration With Your GIS Data

Never switch back and forth between apps. ZipFlow can make any of your GIS data available together with our own permitting and GIS data.
IN-BROWSER PLAN Review Features

Fast Documents Right in Your Browser

ZipFlow's document viewer and markup tool is the fastest one in the industry. It can open documents with a thousand pages, and it's buttery smooth. You can zoom, pan and more, all in the browser. Never shuffle paper or digital files again.

Track All Changes

ZipFlow tracks every red line, every comment, every fix and tracks them all across versions. Our document viewer also lets you compare two versions side-by-side.

Manage the Back and Forth

ZipFlow makes it easy to have conversations with an applicant about a single issue and track that issue, even when others join in the conversation.

Assign Anyone as a Reviewer

Does your city use outside contractors to help with the workload? No problem. ZipFlow can integrate them into the process as if they were in-house.
Inspections Features


We built ZipFlow from day one to be completely usable on mobile. And our inspector views are tailored specifically for someone running from one appointment to the next.

Mobile Punch Lists

Take photos and write right on the screen with your finger to call out issues. When saved, these photos get added to the punch list and become part of the project history.

Scheduling Ease

Our scheduling tools really stand out. The Building department has complete control while offloading scheduling hassles to those who can manage them best.

Flawless Handoffs

Because it's all in one integrated solution, the handoff from planning to inspections works exactly how you would want it to. Never lose track of the progress on a project, all while communicating automatically with your submitters.
Process Wizard Features

Custom Forms & Processes

We do all the work for you. You tell us your process and we re-create it along with custom forms that capture your process perfectly and publish it all online.

Document Upload

Need to accept huge documents with hundreds of pages? ZipFlow can handle those without breaking a sweat and even lets you review them right in the browser.

Effortless Meetings

No more back-and-forth email chains. ZipFlow has built-in tools that make it super easy to schedule meetings with anyone involved in the project.

Take Fee Payments

ZipFlow has a payment portal option built right into the form builder. And we can integrate with any financial system your city is already using.
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Customers are singing our praises.

A five star rating from customers
Aggregated Rating from Our Customers

“You deserve to know how wonderful of a program you have created. It is so different than anything we use at the City. Getting on Zipflow is my favorite thing to do now, seriously!”

City Planner

City in Washington

“This is so easy to use! I wish everything was this easy!”

Land Use Permit Applicant

City in Utah

“We would just like to extend a huge thank you to you. Our customers and applicants are so happy with the new system and we are incredibly happy here too.”

Permit Tech

City in Utah

“You guys showed me what I didn’t even know I wanted.”

County Planner

County in Utah

“ZipFlow is what I like to call the ‘Amazon model’ for permitting. I haven’t ever had to explain to someone how to go on Amazon and buy a pair of shoes because it is so easy and makes sense. ZipFlow is like that.”

City Planner

City in Utah

“You guys have been so incredibly responsive and helpful.”

Permit Tech

City in Utah

Serve your community better and do it with less effort and hassle.

How would you like to do a better job of serving your community? How would you like to be able to manage the community growth with fewer people? And how would you like to spend less on the software that manages all of that? Well with ZipFlow you can get all of those things.

Your community will thank you.

Let us show you a better way to manage your planning, permitting and licensing.