Welcome to the end of process chaos.

Your organization is swamped by requests and the same questions over and over. You lack enough people and money to manage it all. We understand your pain and we’ve designed our app just for you.

Your customers are about to experience stress-free processes.

Welcome to ZipFlow.

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For Successful Customer Success

Manage your customer onboarding processes completely online and in the cloud. No more syncing files, no more doubt about who has the ball and no more paper shuffling.

Your customers will think your company is an organizational powerhouse.

For Multi-step Process Tracking

Effortless and custom management of processes of any size or complexity. Quickly and easily assign tasks, gather data, track changes, review documents, collect fees and more—all in concert and all in the cloud.

Get everyone on the same page.

For Document & Contract Review & Signing

Review complex documents, handle e-signatures without context switching to other apps. Track changes and versions and know who did what. Hold your team accountable for the customer experience.

Make your organization a well-oiled machine.

Your Customers Deserve Better

And ZipFlow delivers much, much better
Process Wizard Features

Custom Forms & Processes

We can do all the work for you. You tell us your process and we re-create it along with custom forms that capture your process perfectly and publish it all online.

Document Upload

Need to accept huge documents with hundreds of pages? ZipFlow can handle those without breaking a sweat and even lets you review them right in the browser.

Fee Payments

ZipFlow has a payment portal option built right into the form builder. And we can integrate with any financial system your organization is already using.

Scheduling Ease

Never send an endless thread of  scheduling emails again. Our ad hoc meeting scheduler makes creating meetings with external people an absolute joy.
Inspections Features


We built ZipFlow from day one to be completely usable on mobile. And our process views are tailored specifically to make complex processes look easy, even on a phone.

Time Tracking

Keep projects on time and on budget. Our behind-the-scenes time tracking watches the progress and warns when things are taking too long.

In-App Chat

Keep all conversations in-context of the project. Our in-app chat panel stays right with the project and tracks with the changes.

Manage Staff

Our tools for managing staff members are intuitive and makes keeping track of stakeholders trivial.
IN-BROWSER PLAN Review Features

Fast Documents Right in Your Browser

ZipFlow's document viewer and markup tool is the fastest one in the industry. It can open documents with a thousand pages, and it's crazy fast. You can zoom, pan and more, all in the browser. Never shuffle paper or digital files again.

Change Tracking

ZipFlow's Document Reviewer tracks every edit, every comment, every fix and tracks them all across versions. Our document viewer also lets you compare two versions side-by-side

Assign Anyone as a Reviewer

Does your organization use outside contractors to help with the workload? No problem. ZipFlow can integrate them into the process as if they were in-house.

Automatic Routing

With a powerful notification and tracking system, ZipFlow automatically looks at the people who have the ball and makes sure they know it's their turn.

We build better tools so that you can do better work.

We're all familiar with badly-designed tools. They're bloated, complicated and a pain in the keister to use. There's no way that a responsible organizational leader would want to put a tool like that in the hands of a customer.

Better tools look like this: They precisely and easily solve a specific pain and they stay out of your way as they do it. They're user-friendly and practically disappear when called on to do a job.

Let us show you a better way to manage your multistep processes.