Built for Engineering Teams

ZipFlow is the perfect companion for engineering teams that do contracting for multiple government organizations.

Nothing to Download

ZipFlow's review tool runs right in the browser and is launched in context of the project. So viewing any document for any project is just one click away. There's nothing to download and no extensions or plugins to install.

Everything in One Place

With ZipFlow, you'll never have to hunt for the right file in DropBox, email threads or anywhere else. All documents are in the right place, tied to the project they belong to. And all versions are tracked together.

Easy Back-Checking

Our side-by-side comparison tool makes doing back checking crazy simple. Anytime there's a new version, you can compare the old and the new together. And it's all done right in your browser.

Quick Redlining

Our review tool replaces BlueBeam and other markup tools for 90% of what most people need. And they're calibrated to each document. Best of all, every annotation comes with a slick, inline commenting system that makes it clear who said and did what. Everything is time stamped, versioned and backed up in the cloud automatically.

Lightning Fast User Interface

You might be tempted to think that a browser tool could never be faster than a download, but ZipFlow is as fast as Google Maps and can handle massive files, hundreds of pages in size and hundreds of gigabytes, without breaking a sweat.

Wait 'till you see the demo.

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