Built for Planning Departments

ZipFlow is the perfect complement to your planning department. It's intuitive, fast, efficient, does so much with less time and effort. And you won't break the bank implementing it.

Make Complex Projects Effortless

ZipFlow is the only software tool in this space that can make complex projects like land-use super easy for both you and the applicant(s).

We can handle massive projects, even nested ones with a simplicity that is unmatched in this industry. If you need help wrestling large, complex projects, ZipFlow has your back.

Simplicity is good for everyone.

ZipFlow was designed by the same people who designed software for, Google, FamilySearch, and a number of other consumer-grade apps.

We know how to build user-friendly software that is simple, but powerful. When you use well-designed tools, you can get so much more done with less time and effort.

ZipFlow is Step-Based

Every project in ZipFlow is structured around a simple step-based interface. And everyone sees the same thing everyone else does.

When you need to do document reviews, meetings, fee payment, communication, etc, it's all in one simple step-based interface.

With ZipFlow, Document Review is a Team Sport

Our in-browser document review tool is fast, easy to use and allows multiple people in your organization to do reviews at the same time. Get real-time feedback as people mark up, comment, reply and discuss each issue.

Our review tool replaces DropBox, Bluebeam, and a bunch of other tools. You'll never dig through folders or files again to find the documents. Everything is versioned, kept up-to-date and in-sync with the project.

Super Fast Implementation Time

If you've ever been through an implementation with new software, you know it can take months and sometimes years to roll it out in an organization.

ZipFlow can do an implementation in just a few weeks. We've had customers implement within a single month.

We can’t wait to show you a demo of ZipFlow.

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