ZipFlow's collaborative plan review tool will knock your socks right off.

Imagine having all the documents associated with a project just a single fast click away. And having all the comments, annotations and updates in one place, shared by every member of your team. That's the power of ZipFlow's plan review tool.

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Built for Teams

ZipFlow Plan Review is built for multiple people to view and comment on a file at the same time. Every redline is time stamped and attributed to the person who made it. Think Google Docs but for plan review.

Wicked Fast

Our plan review tool loads instantly, even when files are gigabytes in size and hundreds of pages long. And every file is available in seconds with just a single click.


There's no software to install and no plugins to manage. All the functionality runs right in the browser. This means no more digging into DropBox or any other file system to find the file. It's just right there any time you need it.

Version Control

All the versions of a file are kept together in the same view, so flipping between them is effortless. In addition, we automatically track the changes to a file and we'll show you the most recent version and the last version side-by-side.

A quick 20min demo will show you everything you need to know.

We designed ZipFlow for you and in just twenty minutes or less you'll totally see how.

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