Integrate with All The Things™

We know that ZipFlow operates in an ecosystem of other software. Because of this, we have one of the most robust APIs in the industry. ZipFlow plays very well with others.

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Just a few of the hundreds of services we integrate with:
Tyler TechnologiesCitizenServeOpenGovClaritiInformationAnaplan

ZipFlow can pull data from practically anywhere.

If a piece of software has an API (most do nowadays), then ZipFlow can pull it in and use it in the projects. If a piece of software doesn't have an API, there's a decent chance we can find a way to get the data out anyway.

Import & sync GIS data
Import information on team members from HR system
Pull existing or archived project data into ZipFlow

Push data out to your existing systems

The same thing applies to pushing data. ZipFlow can sync with your integrations to provide real-time project data to the systems that need it.

Current status on projects to external dashboards
Project time tracking to state agencies that request it
Exporting fee data to finance systems

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