ZipFlow is the easy to use planning and permitting app.

ZipFlow was designed by the same people who designed for Ancestry, FamilySearch, Google and many other friendly companies. Now we've brought our expertise to government.

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Designed by humans
Designed for humans

As Easy as Pizza

You don't have to explain to someone how to eat a slice of pizza. You see it and it just makes sense. ZipFlow is much the same. Once you see our simple interface, you just get it.

Exceedingly Powerful

Our super clean and simple interface hides real power that is just waiting to be unlocked as you move a project through the process.

Unified Interface

One of the most powerful aspects of our simple interface is that everyone on the project shares the same view of the process. We literally get everyone on the same page. This has a massive impact on clarity and removes questions.

Great for Beginners

We know that all organizations go through turnover. One of the hardest aspects of that is the training required to get up to speed on everything. ZipFlow's simple interface makes this whole process crazy easy. People go from being beginners to PHDs in no time.

A quick 20min demo will show you everything you need to know.

We designed ZipFlow for you and in just twenty minutes or less you'll totally see how.

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To make great software, you have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes.

Our experience has taught us how critical the time spent with customers is. The only way to build easy software is by watching customers use your product.

ZipFlow was built by truly understanding our customers' pain points and needs. And every day, it just gets better and better. This can only be done in partnership with our fantastic customers.

Customers teach. We learn.

Let us show you a better way to manage your planning, permitting and licensing.