Designed for Building Departments

Building departments play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our homes and workplaces To do their job effectively, they need access to reliable software. ZipFlow is the user-friendly and affordable answer for your building department.

Online Plan Submissions

No more hard copies! Applicants simply apply with ZipFlow and submit it online. We match your process exactly and ZipFlow always lets applicants know exactly what information is needed.

In-Browser Plan Review

With our state-of-the-art plan review system, you'll never have to dig through files and folders to find the right plans again.

Our plan review process is hassle-free with comments and real-time back & forth, so you can rest assured that every set of plans meets expectations.

Digital Inspections

Keep your insectors on top of changes with ZipFlow's inspection interface. Inspectors can review checklists and add to punchlists in real-time, anywhere and on any device. Your inspectors will always have exactly what they need from the ZipFlow inspections portal.

Inspection Scheduling

ZipFlow has a robust system for scheduling that can be as loose or as dialed in, depending on your needs. And the best part is that you only need to set it up once. Then applicants can do the scheduling without reaching out to your office.

Pricing & Implementation

If you've ever been through an implementation with new software, you know it can take months and sometimes years to roll it out in an organization.

ZipFlow can do an implementation in just a few weeks. We've had customers implement within a single month.

We also offer extremely fair pricing. Let's talk.

We can’t wait to show you a demo of ZipFlow.

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