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Truly delightful software starts with a team that fully understands the problem.

The ZipFlow team didn't just fall into this. Having worked in this sector for decades, we understand the pain that engineering teams and cities go through. From day one, our mission has been to eliminate paper shuffling, file mismanagement, and slow, inefficient systems. If you're tired of managing the unnecessary, then working with the ZipFlow team means that you can actually start working.


Jason Thompson
CEO, CO-Founder

Jason is a civil engineer with over 20 years of experience designing single family, multi-family, and commercial subdivisions. He grew up helping his dad build houses and even designed and built the two homes his family has lived in. Throughout this time he has interacted frequently with building inspectors, city planners, and city engineers to get projects approved. He understands the industry and problems ZipFlow solves.

Adam Kirk
CIO, Co-Founder

Adam has been building secure, performant and reliable software for over 12 years. After getting a degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah, he worked at companies like FamilySearch and Teem (acquired by WeWork). He was the head of Engineering at ZipBooks where a small team built a secure and highly reliable web app that hundreds of thousand of companies trusted with their accounting.

Rob Foster
CXO, Co-Founder

Rob has been designing amazing customer experiences for over 20 years. He’s crafted delightful software and led design teams for companies such as Ancestry, Vivint Solar, Kuali, and many others. His product design contributions on these teams have resulted in major accolades from customers and have contributed to higher customer satisfaction for the products.

Our values

Understand the Pain

We believe in staying close to the customer and understanding their pain better than anyone else.

Web First

We don't think that our customers should have to deal with downloads, updates, files or plugins. Everything we build runs fast—in the browser—and from the cloud.

Exceptional Service

We believe that the best way to build a sustainable business is by serving our customers with integrity and by going out of our way to solve their problems fast.

Truly Delightful

Great software must have an easy-to use and intuitive UI or it's a waste of our customers' money. We refuse to ship anything that isn't truly a delight to use.

How we’re different

We apply industry best-practices to the world of government. For too long, companies have offered sub-par solutions for people in this space. Our goal is to completely change how business is done in this space. And we have the experience and knowledge to do it right.

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